Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kidz Blitz

Friday June 4th was our VBS kick off and we had Kidz Blitz as our kick off show. It was a Nickelodeon type game show where kids got involved and played games to help win points for their team. The whole show had a Christian theme and was lots of fun for kids and parents.
I was so excited when our 10 year old, Kaitlyn was called to go on stage. When she got there she found out she was going to play a game called Chicken Bone. It is the most difficult game of kidz blitz and not everyone wins. If she could complete three tasks in one minute she would win 2 points for her team and have her name posted on the Kidz Blitz website as one of the winners of Chicken Bone. Her first task was to step into a blue bag and put on an oversized t-shirt.
Then she had to go to a large jar of gunk (they called it alligator snot from deep in FL) pull out a whistle, get the gunk out and blow it. .
Then she had to step over to a circle and pick up a water bottle and spray water onto toilet paper that had a rubber chicken hanging from it, and wet the paper enough to make and chicken drop. She needed to do all this in one minute. And She Did!!! We were so proud of her. (Sorry no pic of her shooting at the chicken, my camera didn't process the previous pic fast enough to get the next pic I wanted).
We had a great time. We cheered and laughed and clapped and had a blast. It was a great kick off for VBS and I look forward to them coming again next year.

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