Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bake Day #1

Today we are starting our first bake day, it actually takes us more than one day to fix all the goodies we make for caroling. The first thing we are making are Peanut Butter Balls. I let Christiana head up this recipe and she did a great job. The other tings we will make today are Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies, Chocolate Coconut Bars (these taste a lot like an Almond Joy candy bar), Oreo Truffles and Turtle Bars (to die for and my favorite). Tomorrow we will work on Spritz Cookies, Snack Mix Squares, and Merry Berry Bars. If any of you are interested I can post some recipes, just let me know which ones you may be interested in.

Here are some pictures from this morning. I'll post more tomorrow.

Micah creaming the peanut butter
mixture with Matthew looking on.

Joshua again eating more than helping.

Christiana helping Joshua use the mixer.

Matthew, Kaitlyn, Jonathan and Micah
rolling peanut butter balls.

Christiana doing a great job dipping the
PB balls in chocolate.

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