Monday, December 27, 2010

Getting Back to Normal

Today we are working on getting our house back in order. After Christmas it always takes a few days to put our house back in order, but I must say that we have gotten lots accomplished today and I'm feeling better already (I don't function well in a very messy house). But we are getting there and the house is looking more like normal. So, short blog today due to cleaning up.

To see a picture of what our house looks like on Christmas morning before we do any clean-up, check out my Christmas Day blog,

Just curious, how long does it take for you to get your house back in order?


  1. I just commented on your before and after pics! Reminds me of childhood for sure! lol
    I was going to work on taking stuff down and putting everything up today, but have just not been motivated. We travel every year for the holidays, so it seems like it takes a day or so just to recoup from that alone. But normally, it takes about a week for me and my house to get back together again. Happy organizing!

  2. Thanks Angie. We haven't taken our tree down yet either. It's something we do before or on New Year's Day, depends on when we get tired of looking at it. Personally, I'm ready to take it down now. We shall see. Happy organizing to you as well.