Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Not Yet...

Understand as you read this that we lived in Vermont for 4 1/2 years where there is plenty of snow to play in.

This morning we had a few snow flurries and my children headed outside as quick as possible to enjoy it. We have been in Tennessee one winter so far, so we are very aware of how quickly snow disappears here. What I found amusing, though, was that although we were having snow flurries, there was nothing on the ground and yet my children drug out the sleds. "Poor things", I thought, "they can't sled without something on the ground." But they had to try anyway, gotta give them an "A" for effort (my kids have found out that if they can get outside while there is still frost on the ground that they can sled on a frost covered ground).

So anyway, I just had to take a picture of Josiah pushing Joshua down the hill on the sled (because otherwise it wouldn't move). Oh well, hopefully soon we'll get enough snow for them to enjoy :)

Josiah pushing Joshua down the hill on a sled.

My delicious cup of hot chocolate that Christiana
made for me after they came in from the cold.

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