Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Getting Closer

So as I look over at my Baby Ticker I can't believe that I only have 33 days to go. Today I had an appointment at Lisa Ross for just a regular check-up and all looks well. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by with this pregnancy. Of course, with the holidays being here everything seems to fly by anyway. I do confess that I like the busyness of this time of year when I'm pregnant because it does keep my mind occupied.

Everyone around my house is getting excited about a new baby. Our church gave us a baby shower so we now have lots of little diapers and clothes to remind us that a baby is coming soon. I can't wait until the time when I get to hold him in my arms and feel his little body against mine.

I wonder sometimes if this little guy will decide to come early but then quickly remind myself that my babies usually hold out until 41 weeks. It's hard to believe how quickly it will be here. Can't wait until I have pictures to post of our little guy. Until then, keep praying for me and our baby, that labor and delivery will be quick and without complications. Thanks.

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