Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Every year around this time my Dad sends Christmas presents for the kids from NC. He never fails and the kids know he's as dependable as the sun rising everyday. It's at this time that the kids get so excited and really begin to believe that Christmas is almost here. Since my kids love to decorate early (in their rooms) play Christmas music from July until Christmas and aniticipate it all year, when it finally arrives it almost doesn't seem real. So with Papaw and Mamaw Connie's box they know it is finally, really the Christmas season. Every time the package arrives they ask to hold their gift and usually they get to put it under the tree. However, since Joshua is extra curious, we will keep them in the box until Christmas Eve, or else nothing will be a surprise. So for us, with the arrival of Papaw and Mamaw Connie's gifts also comes the arrival of Christmas reality.

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