Friday, July 23, 2010

Birthday Club - Tuesday's Tip

I was unable to put up a tip on Tuesday because my internet was down, but I wanted to share this tip with you so I decided just to do it today even though I know it's Friday.

As you know, Matthew's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. One of the things our kids look forward to around their birthday is the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club free cone they get. I signed our family up earlier this year and for every birthday we get a coupon through our email
for their free cone. (You do need to be able to print the coupon)

We take this opportunity to spend one on one time with the birthday child. We do not take any other siblings (except maybe the baby) and we let them enjoy hanging with Mom and Dad eating ice cream. It's fun and I have to admit that I look forward to this time as much, if not more, than the kids.

Our closest Baskin Robbins is in a gas station with a Subway as well. So the picture below is Matthew eating his Rocky Road with the market in the background. I love little, messy ice cream faces :)

To get your family signed up for the birthday club you can go to Just go to the tabs at the top and you'll find Birthday Club at the far right. Then just follow the directions. It's really easy and as well as getting your free cone you also get a discount coupon for an ice cream cake.


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