Monday, July 26, 2010

Buddy Helpers

On Friday nights we have Friday Family Night. They usually consist of some sort of pizza dish, dessert, a movie and popcorn, then the kids get to stay up late and we watch movies together. Well, now that my kids are older (and of course not because I'm pregnant and low on energy) I let them make the dessert. This past Friday night Christiana requested that she make the brownies and I was completely okay with it. Matthew, who is 4, is her buddy and she decided as a way to help him take his nap, that if he would go to sleep he could help her make the brownies. Sure enough, Matthew fell asleep and when he awoke he couldn't wait to make the brownies with her. So, when it was time, he was ready.

I love that my children enjoy working together and how well they work together (most of the time). I thought it was very creative of Christiana to make a deal with Matthew that would help him take his nap, and that she was willing to share doing something that she enjoyed doing with her buddy. She let him do everything he could possibly do and I think they both had fun. It was so sweet that I had to take pictures and I thought that I would share them with you. Enjoy :)


  1. Love the buddy helper. It's a great system. :)