Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just Wondering

As I type out these blogs each week, I wonder if what my readers are really interested in from my blog. Do you enjoy getting a glimpse into our daily lives or do you wonder more about my parenting techniques? Do you have questions for me? I wonder, what would you like to see from my blog? Do you find it encouraging or are you bored with it?

So this is your chance to tell me what you think and what you would like to see from my blog. Feel free to share here on my blog or on my Facebook page. For those of you who didn't know I had a FB page you can look it up at B 4 U Ask. Thanks and be blessed.


  1. I enjoy your blog, I read all of them! It is encouraging to see a family serving God and I can see Jesus all over your face. I can tell your children are very happy kids!

  2. I enjoy your writing. I like a mix of both -- that's enjoyable and encouraging for me to read.

    Keep writing, my blogging friend!

  3. Thank you so much ladies. Your comments are very encouraging. It is my prayer that others may be encouraged and blessed by what God is doing in our family and our every day lives. Thanks again and may God bless you and your families.