Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday

Chore Packs

I have just recently finished reading Managers of Their Chores by Steve and Teri Maxwell. It helps you to organize your children's chores into a clip on clear plastic carrier. This way your children have their list of chores in the order they need to be done and they can't use the excuse that they forgot anymore. They even have pre-reader cards with pictures for your little ones that can't read yet.

Having chore packs take the stress off of me to keep asking if my child has done a certain chore only to hear, "Oh, I forgot." Everyone knows what to do, and when to do it and I don't have to remember each and every persons responsibilities because it's all laid out for them and me. It is a little work to get it set up in the beginning, but so worth it if you ask me.

Having chore packs for the kids and less stress...Works for Me :)

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