Friday, July 16, 2010

Construction Cake

We like to celebrate birthdays on the weekends, so even though Matthew's birthday was early this week, we are celebrating it tonight. I used to make theme cakes for my kids all the time but as my older kids have grown they usually just want an ice cream cake or cheesecake or something of the sort. Well, Matthew decided for his birthday that he wanted a construction cake. This came about while we were at Walmart looking through the cake designs because I was going to cheat and buy him one (at first he wanted a train cake but changed his mind when he saw the construction crew cake). As I looked at it I thought to myself, "I can make a construction cake much cheaper than buying this one." So I headed over to the toy department to see how much it would cost just to buy the trucks and make the cake myself. And, what you see above is the finished product. I'm pretty proud of it and Matthew LOVES it (to me that's all that matters anyway :) ). It was really easy and much cheaper than buying one.

So you never know until you try. You just might surprise yourself. Have a great weekend and be blessed.

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