Thursday, January 7, 2010

Extreme Sheep Herding

Last night, everyone was kind of hanging around after supper, some in the living room playing board games, some upstairs in their rooms and my husband in our bedroom with his laptop checking emails and such. I was in the living room with some of the little guys when we start hearing my husband, Jim, laughing. I ask him what he's laughing at and he tells me that he was watching a video a friend sent him of extreme sheep herding. Figuring I'll watch it later everyone continued what they were doing. About 15 minutes later our 5 year old, Jonathan, goes into the bedroom to hang out with Jim. He looks at his Daddy and asks him if he could watch the video of the slapping sheep. Not quite understanding what he said he asked Jonathan again and again Jonathan asked if he could watch the video of the slapping sheep. It was at that moment that I heard Jim laughing very hard. I asked what was so funny and he repeated what Jonathan had asked him. Finally understanding what was going on I began to laugh too. You see, when Jim had informed me that he was watching a video on sheep "herding" Jonathan interpreted it as sheep "hurting" so it was only logical to him that the sheep must be getting slapped, that why they were hurting. We all got a good laugh out of it, since all the family had to come find out what was so funny, and kissed and hugged on Jonathan because he's so cute.

It's amazing to me how kids interpret things and how innocent they are in their understanding of the things they know or don't know. I love being a Mom to small children. It keeps me on my toes and laughing at life.

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