Monday, January 4, 2010

First Day Back to School

Today is our first day back to school since Christmas break. I finally got the house back in order and ready for school and I spent last night excited to get back to our daily routine and trying to find a fun lapbook lesson for the kids. After getting everything ready and feeling prepared for the day I headed to bed, sure that the next day would be great.

I wake up around seven, go get our youngest son for his feeding and come back downstairs to find Matthew, our 3 year old, in our bed (a habit he's gotten into the last week or so). I finish nursing Joshua and head to the kitchen to start breakfast when I hear shuffling in my bedroom. I go in there to find my husband, Jim, and Matthew in the bathroom while Matthew is throwing up. "Oh no," I thought, "poor guy." You see yesterday our youngest son, Joshua 11 mos., was sick. So now it appears Matthew has gotten the bug.

So, I head back in the kitchen to finish preparing breakfast then upstairs to wake the kids. After coming back down I'm informed by my other children that Micah, our 7 year old, doesn't feel well. I inform them to let him stay in bed and everyone else to get ready.

Breakfast comes and afterwards Josiah, our 11 year old tells me he doesn't feel well. As school starts, Kaitlyn, our 9 year old, says she doesn't feel well. So now here I am making everyone comfortable and cleaning out bowls while the kids watch Veggie Tales instead of doing school. (I wonder if they planned this)

Fortunately, this bug seems to only last a few short hours, or at least that's the way it was with Joshua. Oh well, there's always tomorrow for the first day back to school :)

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