Friday, January 1, 2010

Funny story

Just a funny story I had to share...We went out to eat tonight, and as usual, as we walk in the restaurant people stare at the size of our group. I wonder what they're thinking. Some look at us as if we are going to disturb their quiet evening out (then seem pleasantly surprised when they realize how quiet and well behaved our children are at restaurants), others smile as if remembering the days when they had small children and others seem to wonder how we can afford to take our family out to eat (with coupons and water for everyone). Each older child has a younger buddy they help and keep track of. So, as we are leaving the restaurant and crossing the parking lot, Kaitlyn our 9 year old, starts yelling out to one of the little boys and trying to get him to stop running in the parking lot (a BIG no no for our kids) and herding him back closer to our group. As the little guy turns around Kaitlyn realizes he's not one of ours and we all get a chuckle out of her innocent mistake. You know you're part of a large family when you try to corral all small children around you to join your family.

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  1. How funny! And so good of Kaitlyn to be so vigilant. Hope you're having a warm, lovely weekend. Very cold here - 40's right now but in the low 20's tonight. Pretty frigid for Florida! Have a lovely day.

    Love the color of the background. So soft.