Friday, January 22, 2010

Helping Hands

I think it is so important to teach our children to help out around the house. One day they will have their own home and they will need to take care of it, so it is my responsibility to teach them. Keeping a home neat and clean does not just come naturally to everyone. To not teach them is doing them a disservice. I also think they should start learning as soon as possible. Now I'm not talking about being a slave driver. I do believe children should be children, but I don't believe that means all play and no work. Part of life is about fulfilling responsibilities, and we all have the responsibility of creating a happy home environment. The way to do that is to teach our children this responsibility as well. If everyone is doing their part, then no one person is having to do too much.

Now I have no problem with the children helping sweep, do dishes, clean bathrooms and such, the hard part for me is letting them help cook. You see, I LOVE to cook. That's my down time. I just enjoy cooking, it's not a burden for me. Of course, my children LOVE cooking too, so I'm having to learn to SHARE this job. It's the one thing I have to remind myself to have a meek and quiet spirit with. I can be in the kitchen fixing a meal and one of my precious children will come in and ask if they can help. Now I know I should be happy they are asking and gladly invite them over to help. Instead, I have to take a breath and make myself smile and invite them over. But, I do invite them over. I know that it is important for my children to learn to cook. It will help them with their budgets and to save a lot of money when they are adults. So, I CHOOSE to smile and CHOOSE to let the little ones come pour measured amounts of stuff in the bowls and stir and mix and pour, even though it takes longer. And I CHOOSE to enjoy this time and try to remember these cute little hands doing something that makes them feel BIG. I should be happy they want to spend time with me, so I CHOOSE to enjoy spending this time with them. One day when they are all grown up I'm sure these will be my fondest memories.

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