Monday, January 18, 2010

Family Night

Every Friday night we have Family Night. It started back when Josiah was born as a way to spend some extra, special quality time with Christiana since the baby, Josiah, took so much of my attention. Jim decided he would take the night before his day off work, which at the time was Monday night, to hang out and spend the night on the floor, watching TV and snacking with Christiana while I stayed in the room with the baby. As Josiah grew older and the next baby came, Josiah joined them and then so on and so forth. It has now become Friday night and all the kids except the baby sleep on the living room floor. We usually make pizza, have popcorn and sometimes a dessert treat and watch a movie together. Since we don't watch TV during the week it is a treat to watch a movie together. Now that we have seven children, Jim and I usually go to our own beds once everyone settles down to sleep (I just don't do very well on the floor anymore, besides there's no room). Even after all these years, I look forward to Friday night and the time we all come together and hang out and the kids still get excited as well. There's just something about hanging out together and doing something different than your everyday routine that's fun. I love hanging out with my family, and try to always remember that these days will be gone too fast. So take the time now to make your children feel special by doing something special with them and enjoy these days, make lasting memories and laugh together. I can only imagine that you will be glad you did.

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