Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Arms of Love

Pretty flowers. Yes, that is red water.

Notice the smaller flower stem inside the larger one?

Yesterday my oldest daughter brought me these flowers. The story behind them touched my heart so much and made me so happy to be her Mom.

She went on a walk and found these two flowers on the side of the road and picked them. The really neat thing was that the two flowers grew from one stem. She told me that the two flowers were me and her. That she was the flower inside the stem of my flower and that I was the outer flower with my arms were wrapped around her all the time.

I love that my fourteen year old still thinks of me that way. I'm so thankful to God that she wants to be around me and have my arms wrapped around her. I love that she enjoys spending time with me and sharing her feelings with me. So many people assume that once a child becomes a teenager that they will rebel, but I don't agree. There is no where in scripture that tells us that our children will rebel, so why do so many parents think it's normal for them to do so. Yes, it takes extra work on my part to make sure I keep a good relationship with my children, but it is worth it.

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