Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Just Keep Smiling

The other day Jim and I found Joshua standing at our bedroom window with brown "stuff" all over his face. It was also on his clothes and the window sill where he was standing. After searching around the house to find what it was we discovered the kitchen floor.
The mess (it looked worse in person)

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Joshua with his mess

It appeared that he had decided to have fun with the tea bags. He's gotten to them before but never ripped one open or tried to eat any of it (yuck). I'm just glad he didn't get the vinegar open (see in pics above).

The ripped up tea bag

So, after taking a few pics (because I knew I had to mention this in my blog. Can't have anyone thinking I have it all together after seven kids) I cleaned up the mess. But what would I find once I was done cleaning?
Getting into the missionary jar

Joshua had climbed onto the kitchen table, taken the lid off of our missionary jar and was removing the money onto the table. (Doesn't he look like a deer caught in headlights here or a kid with his hand in the cookie jar? Hehe)

As I look back on this situation, I could have handled it many different ways. In times past, I may have gotten upset over it (because of the inconvenience it would have caused me), but now I just realize that he was just curious and took the first opportunity to learn more about his surroundings. Admit it, wouldn't it be kind of fun to tear tea bags open and spread them all over the floor, especially if we knew we didn't have to clean it up?

So I try to have buddies in place to keep an eye out for the little ones so they don't get into trouble. In this instance, his buddy is me, and I stepped into another room for just a moment then started having a conversation with my husband when Joshua came in with evidence on his face that he had been into something.

Life is too short to get upset about little things and our children's spirit is more important than material items. Material items can be replaced but the damage we do to our children's spirit is not so easily healed. So let's just remember that, and keep smiling.


  1. I love the fact that you thought to take a picture. A couple years ago my 4th child (out of 7) got into a new bag of flour. He dumped it out, got it all over himself and the kitchen. Before cleaning him...I took this now treasured picture.

    I love your analogy and truth at the end.


  2. Thank you.

    When my two oldest children were little (and my only children at the time) they shook almost a whole bottle of powder all over the bedroom. As I entered the room and looked behind my glider I found them sitting there looking white as ghosts. It was so funny I took a picture that still makes me laugh today. It's those moments that bring a smile to my face as I remember them. I could have gotten really upset over the HUGE MESS that was there but I'm glad that I smiled and took a picture instead. I'm glad that you have some of those kinds of memories as well.

    Thanks for your comment. Be blessed.